10 Thursday AM Reads

My morning reads are crazy negative today:

• Economy Still Stuck in Low Gear (NYT) see also At pivotal moment, Bernanke low on economic ammo (Washington Post)
• Buffett’s Wells Fargo Bet Helps Berkshire Vs. S&P 500 (Bloomberg) [we own BRK]
• The financial system rests on quicksand (FT.com)
• Sharp Elbows Among Street Lawmen (WSJ)
• Go figure: Venture Capital for the masses is a Bust (DealBook)
• Transformation of life insurance industry away from insuring lives to peddling complex financial products (Pro Publica)
• Banks Now Trying Extra Hard To Avoid Making Rookie Mistakes (Like Getting Caught Committing Fraud) (Dealbreaker) see also What Have We Learned From Lehman’s Monumental Failure? (Forbes)
Baum: Fiscal Cliff Doesn’t Look So Bad After the Fall (Bloomberg)
• Squeezed Workers Cloud Growth (WSJ) see also ‘The Economy Stole My Retirement’ (WSJ)
Kristof: The Secret Weapon: All of Us (NYT)

What are you bummed about?


Transcript of RNC Convention Language

Source: NYT, Federal News Service

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