10 Weekend Reads

My longer form reading material to start the weekend

• Apple Wins Big in Patent Case (WSJ) see also Apple Patent Victory Seen Spurring Wider Range of Smartphones (Bloomberg)
• A Look at 9 Quotes from George Soros (Ivanhoff Capital)
• WORKER DISPLACEMENT: 2009-2011 (BLSsee also Most laid-off US workers take pay cuts in new jobs (AP)
• Humanizing Romney: Two Dark Spots in Fortunate Life (NYT)
• What’s a Monkey to Do in Tampa? (NYT) fascinating story of a wild macaque 
• Satire: The wrong side absolutely must not win (Richmond Times Dispatch)
• Graydon Carter: Bankstas in the Age of Money (Vanity Fair)
• The Age of Niallism: Ferguson and the Post-Fact World (The Atlantic)
• America’s Exceptional Fiscal Conservatism  (Project Syndicate)
• Are You Worth More Dead Than Alive? (NYT Magazine)

What are you reading?



A slowdown in China would have far-reaching effects

Source: Economist

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