Medicaid Nation

Where in America do the fewest people have health insurance?


We are in the thick of the political season, with one convention ending today, and the other beginning next week.

While many talk about the independents, the swing voters, youth votes, Libertarians, etc., all hard core political types know there is one group of voters who reliably head to the polls every election, and vote in vast numbers: The elderly. The over 55 vote is a key block, and given the swing states this year — particularly Florida, Ohio, and Virgina — we may see this group with an outsized impact.

I suspect the key will be Medicaid and Social Security. how each campaign discusses it, how they are painted by their actions and words, and the issue gets spun.

Towards that end, The Economist created this lovely map (above) showing the percentage of each states population in America where the fewest people have health insurance. Presumably, these folks rely on Medicare or Medicaid for their health care. Note the differences between Florida and Ohio — this issue could impact to some degree the how each state’s populations cast their vote.



Medicaid nation
The Economist online Aug 30th 2012, 14:37

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