10 Friday AM Reads

Good post FOMC morning reads:

• Fed Undertakes QE3 With $40 Billion Monthly MBS Purchases (Bloomberg) see also Central Bank Actions Lifting Asset Prices – Not Jobs (Barron’s)
• After Fed, Yield Moves to the Fore (WSJ)
The day after: lingering thoughts and questions about QE3 (FT Alphaville)
Krugman: The iPhone 5 is Classic Keynesian Stimulus (NYT)
• 10 facts investors must keep in mind about Africa (Business Report) see also The Philippines Economy: Ready for Take-Off? (The Diplomat)
John Henry’s Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Year (Bloomberg)
• Obama Holds Lead in Three Key States (WSJ) see also G.O.P. Shift Moves Center Far to Right (NYT)
• 9/14/08 was the day the single dumbest column ever was published. In retrospect, it looks even worse today (Brad DeLong)
• ‘Astonishing’ Ice Melt May Lead to More Extreme Winters (Climate Central)
• Crack in Internet’s foundation of trust allows HTTPS session hijacking (Ars Technica)

What are you reading?


Obama Holds Lead in Three Key States

Source: WSJ

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