10 Sunday Reads

A beautiful Sunday is teed up here on the East Coast: Here are what I am reading before heading to the beach:

• The Top 1%: Executives, Doctors and Bankers (Economix)
• ‘Blind Faith’ In Bernanke Is Big Mistake, Kass Says (Marketbeat)
• WSJ asks: Are Entitlements Corrupting Us?
…..Yes, American Character Is at Stake
…..No, They’re Part of the Civic Compact
• The Disciplined Pursuit of Less (Harvard Business Review)
 Grand Old Marxists (NY Bookssee also Why Aren’t Conservatives Funny? (Washington Monthly)
• Who Inherits Your iTunes Library? (Smart Money)
• The Ten Most Dangerous Things Business Schools Teach MBAs (Forbes) see also A New Kind Of Social Science For The 21st Century (Edge)
• The Romney campaign says stimulus doesn’t work. Here are the studies they left out. (Washington Post)
• Playboy Interview: Richard Dawkins (Playboy)
• 12 GIFs That Prove Kobe Bryant Has Stolen Everything From Michael Jordan (BuzzFeed)

What are you reading?
No letup in global housing market downturn
click for ginormous global property chart

Source: Global Property Guide

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