10 Weekend Reads

Some longer form reads for your Saturday morning:

The Next Panic: Europe’s crisis will be followed by a more devastating one, likely beginning in Japan. (The Atlantic)
• Paul Volcker fears Fed-bashing will erode confidence (The Globe And Mail)
• QEs compared (FT.com) see also Fed’s QE3 Turns Safe Investments Into Losers (Fiscal Times)
Cuban: Facebook Handled their IPO Exactly Right (Blog Maverick) (I disagree)
• Y Combinator: Who Wants to Be a Billionaire? (Vanity Fair)
• The Medicine of Gratitude (Daily Good)
• GOP retreat on taxes likely if Obama wins (Washington Post)
• Inside Paul Allen’s Quest To Reverse Engineer The Brain (Forbes)
• The Power of Negative Thinking (Farnam Street Blog)
• Atheist, Gnostic, Theist, Agnostic (Free Thinker)

What are you reading?


Scaling the Risk Ladder  

Source: Barron’s

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