10 Friday AM Reads

My morning reads:

• Blood in the Streets: Countries and their CAPE values (World Beta)
Sell Mortimer, Sell! Obama Victory Leads Wealthy to Make Quick Pre-2013 Moves (Bloomberg)
• Banking’s ‘Worst Nightmare’ Takes Her Fight to Senate (WSJ) see also The Importance of Elizabeth Warren (Economix)
• The second worst trade of 2012? Wall Street’s terrible presidential bet (Quartz)
• Fidelity Says 401(k) Balances Reached Highest Level (Bloomberg)
• Rest in Peace: ‘Uncertainty’ (CNN Money)
• Asian Voters Send a Message to Republicans (Bloomberg) see also As Nation and Parties Change, Republicans Are at an Electoral College Disadvantage (Five Thirty Eight)
• Battle Plan Shifts on Dodd-Frank (WSJ)
Krugman: Let’s Not Make a Deal (NYT) see also How Other Animals Choose Their Leaders (Slate)
• How the GOP’s War on Voting Backfired (The Nation)

What are you reading?


Corporate Tax Twist 

Source: WSJ

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