10 Thanksgiving Day Reads to be Thankful For

Some eclectic Thanksgiving Day reads to express your gratitude:

• Five economic trends to be thankful for (Washington Post)
Be Thankful for blog posts like this one: The facts of investing life (Monevator)
• Joe Weisenthal is really thankful for Bill McBride of Calculated Risk (Business Insider)
• Be thankful you understand Why Technical Analysis Matters (All Star Charts)
Refinancing? Be thankful for this: Fed Still Trying to Push Down Rates (WSJ)
Be thankful Jack Welch is Retired! Jack Welch Is An Even Bigger Dick Than You Previously Believed (BusinessWeek)
Be thankful for Lord Skidelsky and Carry On: Inequality is Killing Capitalism (Project Syndicate)
• BE THANKFUL YOU DONT OWN ANY HP: Marc Andreessen was biggest proponent for Autonomy acquisition on HP’s board members (Breaking Views)
I’m thankful for NSFW: Marco Rubio’s Rap Preferences: A Lyrical Analysis (NSFW Corp)
• Be thankful you live during a time when technology rocks:  Software That Shows What Your Shiny New iPad Can Do (NYT)

What are you eating today?


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