10 Monday AM Reads

What up dawgs?

• The Cult of Uncertainty (Fool) see also So Much Uncertainty, So Little Volatility (Hedge World)
• 2008 Investment Guides Are HILARIOUS (TBP)
• Claudio Borio on the financial cycle (Free Exchange)
• A major change in Bernanke’s policy reaction function (Gavyn Davies) see also The Omnipotent Fed idea (Noahpinion)
• Fracking’s Future (Harvard Magazine)
• iPhone 5 Sets China Record With 2 Million Sales in Three Days (Bloomberg) see also The iPad mini is the best tablet (The Wirecutter)
Dan Gross: GOP Leaders Finally Ready to Cave on Taxing the Rich (The Daily Beast)
• How Accurate Are Your Pet Pundits? (Project-Syndicate)
• Building a Better Truth Machine (Slate)
• Insurance Industry Paying Increasing Attention to Climate Change (Science Daily)

Whats on you iPad?


Cliff? What Cliff? Investors snap up stocks even as DC inches closer to sequestration

Source: WSJ

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