10 Monday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads:

• Fed Exit Plan May Be Redrawn as Assets Near $3 Trillion (Blooomberg)
• Need help with money? Play a game. (The Christian Science Monitor) see also Are You Brilliant, or Lucky? (WSJ)
• Bloomberg Weighs Making Bid for The Financial Times (NYT)
• On Understanding the History of Technological Change (Economic Principals)
• U.S. Apartment, Condominium Markets Remains Strong in 3Q, Says NAHB (World Property Channel)
• The robot economy and the new rentier class (FT Alphaville) see also Why Workers Are Losing the War Against Machines (The Atlantic)
• U.S. Intelligence Agencies See a Different World in 2030 (Bloomberg)
• Sagan vs Hawking on transmission of messages into outer space to aliens  (REDDIT) see also Evolution, Creationism, Intelligent Design (Gallup)
• Lights Out For China’s Solar Power Industry? (The Diplomat) see also Move Over, Michigan, China Is The World’s Next Rust Belt (Forbes)
• “Everyone has filters to select information that receives attention.” (Farnam Street)

What are you reading?


Charting Chinese Unemployment, Inequality

Source: Real Time Economics

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