Odds & Ends

With the year coming to a close, there are a few loose odds and ends I have been meaning to address. This morning’s post is a random collection of those items:

TBP Mobile App is just about done; the code should be implemented by next week. You can see the beta here: www.Onswipe.com/bigpicture on any IOS or Android device.

Book requests: I keep getting emails asking “What are your favorite behavioral investing books” or “What’s the best books for investors just starting out.” I’ll pull a list together after the holidays.

Site redesign: What’s happened to the site redesign? The programming is essentially finished; the rest is nearly done — waiting on a new header, and the background for the sides.

Tab Glitch: If you are not signed in, you do not see the latest, updated posts in the Think Tanik, Video, Weekend, or Books. This is a Word Press error,t hat I expect the new layout will fix.

Monthly Investment Commentary I get this email all the time: How can we get access to your monthly investment commentary if Im not an asset management client? I’m working on it, but its complicated. Meanwhile, watch the site for posts like this (Time to Reduce Equity Exposure) and this (Time for a Bounce?).

Book plans: Yes, there is a follow up in the works for Bailout Nation (2014) — but sooner, an eBook that I have been playing with in early 2013.

Bloomberg iPad app: I am meeting with the design team at Bloomberg about the issues with the app. If any one has any suggestions to pass along, put them in comments.

More later . . .

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