10 Mid Week AM Reads

My morning reads:

• 401(k) breaches undermining retirement security for millions (Washington Post)
• Why The WSJ Got The ‘iPhone Demand Is Crashing’ Story All Wrong (Forbes) but see Apple is the ghost of technology’s present, Google is its future (pandodaily)
Headline of the day: BofA Takes a Mortgage Mulligan (WSJ)
• European Dividends Tumble to Four-Year Low (Bloomberg)
• Recovery in U.S. Saving 8 Million Underwater Homeowners (Bloomberg)
• Facebook Unveils Social-Search Tool Challenging Google (Bloomberg) see also Facebook Unveils a New Search Tool (Bits)
• If we hit the debt ceiling, can Obama choose which bills to pay? (Wonkblog)
• Top Ten Ways to Deal with Behavioral Biases (Above the Market)
• 2 Makers Press the Case for Electric Cars (NYT) see also Would You Drive This Car? (WSJ)
• The ‘Climate Change Debate’ Is Science Versus Snake Oil (ThinkProgess)

What are you reading?


World GDP: Not Exactly Recessionary

Source: The Economist

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