10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads:

• The problem with buybacks, Dell edition (Reuters) see also Dell likely to reshape business as private group (FT.com)
• Holder Cites ‘Egregious’ Conduct by McGraw-Hill, S&P (Bloomberg)
• Friends of Fraud (NYT)
• A Billion-Dollar Club, and Not So Exclusive (NYT)
• The World War I Debts That Wouldn’t Go Away (Echoes)
• When Newspapers Were New, or, How Londoners Got Word of the Plague (The Atlantic)
• One Recession Cost Is Lower Social Security Benefits (Economix) see also Baby Boomers Sicker Than Parents’ Generation, Study Finds (Bloomberg)
• College Is (Still) Worth It (Economix)
• Rove’s Move Into Republican Primaries Enrages Tea Party (Bloomberg)
• ‘The Blackout Bowl,’ or ‘The Most Depressing Super Bowl Column You’ll Read’ (The Nation)

What are you reading?

Six More Weeks of Manufactured Financial Crisis

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