10 Friday AM Reads

My morning reads:

• How to Lose $3 Million in 1 Second (Scientific American) see also The Real, and Simple, Equation That Killed Wall Street (Scientific American)
Fourth Down? We’re Going for It! How advanced statistics could transform the NFL (New Republic)
• Critical Warning No. 7: Banks crash economy again (MarketWatch) but see Dow 20,000 May Be ‘4 Years Away:’ JPMorgan (Yahoo Finance)
• Cannabis Farming Has Kentucky Republicans Seeing Economic Boost (Bloomberg)
LOL Headline: Banks’ Risk Measurements Rarely Off By Much More Than A Factor Of Ten (Dealbreaker) see also ‘London Whale’ Sounded an Alarm on Risky Bets (WSJ)
• Lunch with the FT: Robert B Silvers (FT.com)
• The Real Reason for the Decline of American Unions (Echoes)
• There’s More to Life Than Being Happy (The Atlantic)
• Why the GDP Drop is No Big Deal (The Daily Beast) but see The Idiocy of Sequestration (Slate)
• Doubt Is Cast on Firms Hired to Help Banks (DealBook)

What are you reading?


Early Payouts of Dividends, Bonuses Spur a Windfall

Source: WSJ

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