Taking Added Advantage Of Reality

I did a long interview with Wally Forbes where we get into some of the details of how we manage assets and what we currently own.

Here’s an excerpt:

“We find ourselves fairly fully invested. We pretty much run a 70/30 asset allocation portfolio which is more or less 70% equities, 30% fixed income plus other asset classes [REITs Commodities]. And we’re pretty fairly invested and have been for a few months only because reading the charts, looking at the winds, looking at skies, checking the tide tables, looking at the phase of the moon, looking at all these different factors, the Fed is telling you they are going to squeeze equities higher.

What I think is best for the country, what I hope happens, what I want to happen – all those things are irrelevant.

The bottom line is that the Fed has made it clear that they’re not tolerating a drop in equity assets.  And so the Bernanke “put” is alive and well and the way we’re participating in that is through a combination of domestic and emerging market equities.  We like growth, we like value – especially Mid-cap growth and large-cap value. We own lots of dividend payers. And we have a decent exposure to energy, healthcare, and biotech, which is a sort of unusual combination because you wouldn’t expect all of those things to run at the same time.  But they have been.”

You can read the entire interview — including ETF and stock selections that we are currently holding — here.

Note that I always talk about what we own, not what you should run out and buy . . .


Taking Added Advantage Of Reality: Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Qualcomm, Visa, Berkshire Hathaway
Wallace Forbes
Forbes 2/22/2013  

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