10 Friday AM Reads

Hey, its Friday! Here are some reads to finish up your week with:

Santoli: Did the Promised Market Pullback Just Come, and Go? (Yahoo Finance)
• Buffett Outlining Dividend Plan May Ease Successor’s Path (Bloomberg) see also Buffett to Update His Acquisition Hunt (WSJ)
• Buy These ETFs for Higher Returns and Lower Risk (Zacks)
• Bank Bonuses: The Essential Guide (Here is the City) see also Why You Should Care About That $83 Billion Bank Subsidy (Bloomberg)
Krugman: Austerity is the Iraq War of Fiscal Policy a/k/a Ben Bernanke is a Hippie (NYT)
• H-P Discovers this Tablet Thingie (WSJ)
• Why the government backs mortgages (Los Angeles Times) see also Easing U.S., Slowly, Out of Home Financing (NYT)
• Here Come…China’s Drones (The Diplomat)
• We Suck at Probabilities (Above the Market) see also Is mathematics a vehicle for control fraud? (mathbabe)
• What If You Rammed Every Car That Cut You Off (Thought Catalog)

What are you reading?


Fed Split Over How Long To Keep Cash Spigot Open

Source: WSJ

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