10 Thursday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• How Franklin Roosevelt Secretly Ended the Gold Standard (Echoes)
• When to take investing advice from Twitter (MarketWatch) see also Twitter Just Crushed Wall Street After The Cyprus Bailout (Business Insider)
• New Reasons to Change Light Bulbs (NYT)
• The London Whale, Richard Fisher and Cyprus (Economix)
• The many failures of the personal finance industry (Abnormal Returns)
Companies: Show Us the (Political) Money (NYT)
• Home sales reach highest rate since 2009 (MarketWatch)
• NRA Poised to Scuttle Gun Legislation Most Americans Want (Bloomberg)
• Why I left Google (MSDN) see also Vulnerabilities Continue to Weigh Down Samsung Android Phones (threat post)
• Is the “Buy to Rent” Party Over? (A Lightning War for Liberty)

What are you reading?


The Yen is the Safest of Safe Havens

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