10 Sunday Reads

My Sunday morning round up of whats worth reading:

• Why do we tolerate investment ignorance? (Morningstar) see also Sometimes, We Want Prices to Fool Us (NYT)
• 50 Experts on Parties, Management, Zombies, Self-Improvement, and More (Businessweek)
• The Dark Side of ETFs (Barron’s) see also A Mutual Fund Front In The ETF Fee Wars (Index Universe)
Shiller: Why Home Prices Change (or Don’t) (NYT)
Where the fuck is your Gold Messiah now? (The Reformed Broker)
• Bitcoin: This is What a Bubble Looks Like When it Pops (Barron’s) see also Fool’s Gold: Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme—the Internet’s favorite currency will collapse. (Slate)
• Microsoft Can’t Keep Up in a Mobile World (WSJ) see also Microsoft takes hits after bad PC numbers (Gigaom)
• How BrightScope plans to publicize RIA advisory fees fairly amid all those onion layers (RIABiz)
• Will the Government Shrink Your IRA? (WSJ)
• Magic trick transforms conservatives into liberals (Nature)

Whats for brunch?


Gold Sinks Into Bear Territory

Source: WSJ

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