10 Sunday Reads

My Sunday Morning reads — pull up a cup-o-joe and enjoy!:

Nate Silver: Confidence Kills Predictions (Index Universe)
• Govt watchdog is calculating size of implicit subsidy of TBTF banks (Barron’s) see also Bailout Recipients (ProPublica)
•  The Lure of Hedge Funds (Research Affiliates)
• Shiller: Before Housing Bubbles, There Was Land Fever (NYT)
• A Heretical, Rational Perspective on Gold (Cognitive Concord)
• Jeremy Grantham on population growth, China and climate sceptics (The Guardian) see also The brutal logic of climate change, international shipping edition (grist)
• The Dark Side of the Digital Revolution (WSJ)
• The Remarkable Decline in the Wall Street Journal’s Long-Form Journalism (Atlantic)
• Surviving the NBA’s Heat Wave (WSJ)
Funny!   What Do You Think About Penny Stocks? (BrightScope)

What’s for brunch?


Techs Rust Belt Takes Shape

Source: WSJ

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