10 Thursday AM Reads

My morning reads:

• What the Bull Giveth, the Bear Taketh Away (GestaltU)
• Most $100 Bills Live Outside The U.S. (npr)
• 5 Reasons a Crash Is Unlikely (Barron’s) but see also The Bull Market’s Last Stand? (Barron’s)
• Jeremy Grantham on how to feed the world and why he invests in oil (theguardian)
Wall Street Analysts: Flip a Coin (The Reformed Broker) see also Your Choice: Jim Cramer or William F. Sharpe (HuffPo)
• Efforts to Revive the Economy Lead to Worries of a Bubble (DealBook)
• Gold is broken (Charts etc.) but see The Attraction of Gold (Crossing Wall Street)
• “The Great Divergence of Policies” (Econbrowser)
• Fish’s DNA May Explain How Fins Turned to Feet (NYT) see also Moore’s Law and the Origin of Life (MIT Technology Review)
• Don’t let Silicon Valley fool you—millennials are the least entrepreneurial generation (Quartz)

What are you reading?


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