10 Tuesday AM Reads

My morning reads:

• I Don’t Think You Invest the Way You Think You Invest (Interloper)
• Japan’s currency war has just begun (Macrobusiness) see also QE on steroids in Japan (FT Alphaville)
• America’s Most Profitable Export Is Cash (NYT)
• Trimmed hedges: Half of performance data is “Revised” (Economist)
• Vanishing workforce weighs on growth (The Washington Post) see also Labor Force Participation Rate Update (Calculated Risk)
Yay! Senate Bill May Solve Too-Big-To-Fail By Shrinking Banks By 70% (Dealbreaker)
• Beware of Economists Peddling Elegant Models (Bloomberg)
• David Stockman’s dystopia (Fortune)
• The future is now: Navy to deploy lasers on ships in 2014 (Fox News)
• A Year Later, Instagram Hasn’t Made a Dime. Was it Worth $1 Billion? (Time)

What are you reading?


Japan’s Stimulus Generates Ripples

Source: WSJ

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