10 Tuesday AM Reads

My morning reads:

• Is investors’ favorite strategy doomed to fail? (MarketWatch) see also Is it worth making the shift to fundamental indexes? (The Globe and Mail)
• S&P’s Unusual Legal Defense: “We are idiots & all our clients knew that at the time” (WSJ)
• Carl Richards is the anti-Peter Lynch: The Perils of Investing in What You Know (Bucks)
• When Roosevelt Ditched the Gold Standard (Echoes)
• Apple has always been a Software company that sold Hardware (WSJ) see also The Dell mirage (MarketWatch)
• The Incredible Shrinking Budget Deficit (Economix)
• Game Theory: Jane Austen Had It First (Science NYTimes)
• Meet Twitter’s Newest Clique: Bloomberg’s Terminal Tweeters (NY Magazine) see also Inside Bloomberg’s Twitter A-List (Well, At Least a Fraction of It) (Enterprising Investor)
• 50 Time Saving Tips for Small Businesses (Small Business Trends)
• A Virtual Pack, to Study Canine Minds (NYT)

What are you reading?


S&P 500 Sector Performance Relative to % of Domestic Revenues

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