10 Weekend Reads

My long form weekend reading — pour a cup of coffee, and enjoy:

• Regulatory Moneyball: What Washington Can Learn From Sports Geeks (Foreign Affairs)
• Chess and 18th Century artificial intelligence (BBC)
• Three days that saved the world financial system (The Washington Post)
• What is an economic equilibrium? (Noahpinion)
• Diamonds Are Bullshit (Priceonomics)
• The Meme Hustler (The Baffler)
• The Average Human Vagina (Double X Science)
• Is There Life After Fifty for a Songwriter? (The Ivory Sofa)
Cruel and Unusual Punishment: The Shame of Three Strikes Laws (Rolling Stone)
• What’s in a Nickname? The Origins of All 30 MLB Team Names (mental floss)

Whats for brunch?


Europe Woes Deepen as Economies Contract

Source: WSJ

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