10 Monday PM Reads

My afternoon train (yes LIRR) reading:

Rosenberg: Why cash is your least safe bet (Financial Post)
• How to Worry Less About Money (Brain Pickings) see also Advice for Dylan the Daytrader (The Reformed Broker)
• Cautious 3-fer:
…..-Near-Record NYSE Margin Debt Leads to Caution  (Bloomberg)
…..-Investors borrow cash from portfolios at record pace (USAToday)
…..-Searching for Signs of a Market Top (Barron’s)
Contrarians will point out that you don’t usually see this much caution at tops.
• How Cooper Union’s Endowment Failed in Its Mission (NYT)
Moby Ben, or, the Washington Super-Whale: Hedge Fundies, the Federal Reserve, and Bernanke-Hatred (Brad DeLong)
• In the Long Run, Niall Ferguson, Keynes Was Right (Bloomberg) see also Keynes was, incredibly, right about the future. He was wrong about how we’d be spending it. (Wonkblog)
• LinkedIn annoys me (Benedict Evans)
• Carbon dioxide passes symbolic mark (BBC) see also 50 years on: The Keeling Curve legacy (BBC)
• 50 Best Websites 2013 (Time)
• Doctor Who? Doctor Jew (Tablet)

What are you reading?


After a decade of decline, it’s time for the dollar to have its day
Source: Telegraph

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