10 Monday Reads

Good Memorial Day morning. It looks to be a lovely day, so before heading out to the beach or lake or picnic or where ever you may be off to, have a look at my roundup of found interesting items:

• What Type of Financial Investor Are You? (Howard Lindzon)
• Goldman pushes hedge funds for your 401(k) (Fortune) see also Rob Arnott: Most hedge funds disappoint (Fortune)
• How to Spot the Next Short Squeeze (MoneyBeat)
• The Falling-Bridge Lesson: The U.S. Infrastructure Failure Is Still Totally Inexcusable (Atlantic) see also Bridge Collapse in Washington State Sends Cars Into River (Bloomberg)
• What All Classical Economic Thinkers Can Agree About (Forbes)
• Europe’s Lost Keynesians (Project Syndicate) see also The banking crisis as a giant carry trade gone wrong (Vox)
• Nikkei 225 Deformed as Japan Yardstick by Fast Retailing’s Rise (Bloomberg)
• Reminder: Shit Gets Better (TRB) see also California Faces a New Quandary, Too Much Money (NYT)
• Yes, Silicon Valley, You Are as Exactly as Vain as They Say (Valley Wag)
• Battle of the Beach (WSJ)

What are you reading?


Earnings Not Yet a Viral Sensation
Source: WSJ

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