10 Sunday Reads

Good Sunday morning. Here are some reads that surfaced since the market closed Friday you may find worthwhile:

• in which Downtown Josh Brown destroys the 1999 comparison (TRB) but see Felix Zulauf Developing Euphoria (Itau)
• GE gets back to basics (Fortune)
• Libor in a barrel: Oil markets fall under the suspicion of price-fixing on a global scale  (Economist)
• As a Reminder, the Fed Is NOT Printing Money (Jesse’s Cafe Americain) see also The end of QE? (FT Alphaville)
• How Nonprofits Became Tax-Exempt (Echoes)
• The Facebook IPO, One Year Later (WSJ)
• Be a Smart Investment News Consumer (Learn Bonds)
• GAME OVER: Morgan Stanley Publishes Brilliant Note About GDP, Investing, And Why Bill Gross Is Wrong About Stocks (Business Insider)
• Gorillas Agree: Human Frontal Cortex is Nothing Special (Scientific American)
• ‘Star Trek’s’ Damon Lindelof on Brad Pitt, Having Power as a Writer and His Agony Over ‘Lost’ (Hollywood Reporter)

What’s for brunch?


Euro Crisis Mires Continent in Longest Slump Since War
Source: WSJ

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