10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon traffic court reads:

Markets and Memory Banks: Why Investors Can’t Imagine a Collapse of the Bond Market (Total Return)
• This Time It’s Different, Really (Money Beat)
Don’t just do something, sit there! In Soccer and Investing, Bias Is Toward Action (Bucks)
• How the Case for Austerity Has Crumbled (New York Review of Books)
• One British Hedge Funds Secret? Cutting its fees! (DealBook)
• These financial advisers needed advisers (MarketWatch)
• Boring, Diversified, And (Still) Tough To Beat (Capital Spectator)
• IRS Was Wrong to Single Out Tea Parties, But Many Political Groups Should Not be Tax-Exempt (TaxVox) see also Congress WTF? Put Pressure on IRS to Investigate Conservative Tax-Exempt Groups (Atlantic)
• 29 Rules for College Graduates (WSJ)
• Photographer camped in -37C temperatures for three months to capture the Northern Lights over Rocky Mountains (Daily Mail)

What are you reading?


Debt Distribution
Source: WSJ

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