10 Wednesday AM Reads

My morning reads:

Best headline of the day: QE: Because Nobody’s Got Any Better Ideas (It’s Not That Simple)
• Treasury yields go up a bit (FT Alphaville)
• The New ‘New Paradigm’ for Equities (Moneybeat) see also Stocks Change Their Fuel (WSJ)
• The Heavy Toll Of Investment Fees (Rick Ferri)
• Don’t Believe New Housing Bubble Hype (Developments)
• Volcker’s Aim: Responsive Government (NYT)
• “Can Japan Export Its Way to Recovery?” (Econbrowser) see also Japan’s Bond Market Wants BOJ to Purchase More Short-Term (Bloomberg)
• Is There Really a “Conservative Reform” Movement in Policy? (Next New Deal)
• Hugh MacLeod – digital disrupter (diginomica)
new favorite tumblr: Screen Shots of Despair (Tumblr)

What are you reading?


QE: Because Nobody’s Got Any Better Ideas
Source: It’s Not That Simple

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