iPhone App Reads Your Emails Out Loud

Finally … an iPhone App That Will Read My Emails Out Loud!

Listen and Talk to Your Emails


As an iPhone power user, I’ve been frustrated for years by the inability to have my emails spoken out loud … in the same way that Siri can read text messages out loud.

A new, free app fixes that.

Specifically, Talkler allows me to read all of my emails out loud while I’m driving, to delete emails I don’t want, and even to reply with verbal recordings to the email senders.

Here’s a screenshot showing what the basic Talkler interface looks like when you’re reading an email:

You’re going to be listening and talking most of the time … not looking at the interface. However, Talkler’s interface is clean and easy-to-use.

As one example, if you’re phone is on the seat next to you while you’re driving, you can tap anywhere on the screen once to pause an email, and tap again to start playing again.  Or you can scroll to the left to play the previous email, or to the right to play the next email.  In other words, you can control a lot of basic functions manually without looking at your phone.

Talker understands a variety of verbal commands:

And it understands quite a few synonyms and alternative phrases for those commands.

Power users can fiddle with the settings:

The one problem with Talkler is that it does not yet support outlook. The developers say they’re hard at work making it Outlook-compatible.

Try Talkler … We think you’ll like it.

Postscript:  I’m not receiving any money or other perks from Talker.  I just think this is a killer app …

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