10 Friday AM Reads

My morning reads:

• Yellen Betting Defies 100-Year Jinx of Fed No. 2 Never Elevated (Bloomberg) see also Summers? Geithner? White House Makes Shortlist for Bernanke’s Job (WSJ)
• Wall St boom, Main St bust (FT Alphaville)
• Yes, We Have No Inflation (Economix) see also In Japan, Prices Stabilize for the First Time in Months (NYT)
• Record $13B ETF Outflows In June 2013 (Index Universe)
• Gold Traders Split as Rout Resumes in Bear Market (Bloomberg) see also The Chart That Best Illustrates How Gold Was A Bubble (Business Insider)
• Fashionable ‘Risk Parity’ Funds Hit Hard (WSJ)
• Greeks try farming as a backup plan (Washington Post)
Racism Is a Tough Sell: The Real Reason Everyone Dumped Paula Deen (Daily Beast)
• The State of Google Reader Replacements (TidBits)
• Japan Is Counting on Friendly Robots to Save Its Economy (Atlantic)

What are you reading?


Jeff Gundlach still kicking Bill Gross’s ass
Source: WSJ

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