10 Thursday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• Goldman Sees Commodity Bull Run Over as Returns Trail Stocks (Bloomberg)
• Survivorship bias: why 90% of the advice about writing is bullshit right now (Tobias Buckell)
• Why is this recovery unlike the others? (MarketWatch)
• The era of ‘uncertainty’ may be over. Will a growth boom begin? (Wonkblog)
• How Does Income Growth Compare to Other Recoveries? (Real Time Economics)
• JPMorgan’s Alabama Debacle Set to Cost Bank $1.6 Billion (Bloomberg)
• Why Conservatives Hate Citi Bike So Much, in One Venn Diagram (NY Magazine)
• A Cup Is at the Heart of a Trademark Dispute (NYT)
• If companies had realistic slogans what would they be? (Reddit)
• Earth’s Weirdest Landscapes (Sierra)

What are you reading?


‘Dark Pools’ Face Scrutiny
Dark Pools
Source: WSJ

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