Radio Appearance: SiriusXM

2icjlLast week, I did a full run of media on Thursday — Bloomberg TV in the AM, then satellite radio, then a panel discussion up at Columbia.

Here is the (NSFW) radio conversation I had on StandUP with Pete Dominick — who is always a boatload of fun trying to be serious.

Its a mix of good chat, adrenaline (caused by too-little-sleep due to a 4:45am Bloomberg pick up) and caffeine. And either I lost weight, or Pete is a fantastic photographer!


click to play audio — it takes a moment or two for the audio to load

StandUP with Pete Dominick part 1
06-06-13 Barry Ritholtz

StandUP with Pete Dominick part 2
06-06-13 Barry Ritholtz part two



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