10 Mid-Week PM Reads

My afternoon post-traveling reads:

• U.S. Economy Looking More Japanese (Real Time Economics) but see The Economy in 9 Charts…..Bullishness Warranted (Value Plays)
• Defined Benefit Plans Outperform Defined Contribution Plans Again (Towers Waston)
• Already-strong case for Yellen strengthens further, and a word about the inanity of “market” preferences (FT Alphaville) see also Where Larry Summers Went Wrong (Rational Irrationality)
• BrightScope Defends a Business Model Modeled After Morningstar (Think Advisor)
• Fed up with Wall Street’s revolving door (Washington Post)
• While the US talks about saving Afghanistan with a “New Silk Road,” China is actually doing it (Quartz)
• The disunited state of Android (The Verge)
• Why YouTube buffers: The secret deals that make—and break—online video (ArsTechnica)
• Incredibly Detailed Close-Ups of Van Gogh’s Masterpieces (Twisted Sifter)
• Why Do All Hollywood Movies Lose Money? (Priceonomics)

What are you reading?


Negative Zip Codes
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