10 Sunday AM Reads

I am off to Denver, than Vancouver. Here is my Sunday morning Aeroplane reading:

• You Have Been Calling for A Crash for 6 Months and Been Wrong, Now What? (Dragonfly Capital) see also Buy and hold wins again (MarketWatch) [chart at bottom]
• If You’re a Bond Investor, Beware of the Seesaw (NYT)
• Does the Fed funds rate even matter? (FT Alphaville) see also Congress Gives Bernanke A Hero’s Send-Off (Real Time Economics)
• Maggie’s ghost: what is haunting Europe (the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens)
• The hard-money people throw Gene Fama under the bus (Noahpinion)
• The Myth of China’s Economic Reform (Bloomberg) see also China Ain’t All That: The U.S. Is Still Tops (Yahoo Finance)
• The Forgotten Funds That Are Suddenly Drawing Crowds (Moneybeat)
• Here’s how Detroit’s bankruptcy will actually work (Wonkblog) see also Detroit and Pandora’s Box (MBS Litigation Commentary For Speculators)
• A Dozen Things I’ve Learned From Michael Mauboussin About Investing (25iq)
• Worldwide Honey Bee Collapse: A Lesson in Ecology (Nation of Change)

What are you reading?


Can Market Timers Beat the Index?
Source: WSJ

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