10 Tuesday PM Reads

My by-the-time-you-read-this,-I’ll-be-in-the-Hamptons afternoon reads:

Important discussion on how shareholders are getting robbed: Owner Earnings (Seeking Wisdom)
• How Money Actually Buys Happiness (HBR)
• Golden Troubles (Joe Tax Payer) see also Bear market in gold pummels Einhorn’s Greenlight fund (Reuters)
• Why Doesn’t Apple Enable Sustainable Businesses on the App Store (Stratechery)
• Full Employment: The Big Missing Piece (Economix) see also Is There Hope for Recent College Grads? (WSJ)
• What’s Wrong with Technological Fixes? (Boston Review)
• As Bond Market Tumbles, Pimco Seeks to Reassure Investors (DealBook) see also Coercive Monetization (Gamasutra)
• Acts of Journalism and the Espionage Act (boing boing) see also Secret-court judges upset at portrayal of ‘collaboration’ with government (Washington Post)
• Dark Money Group Spent on House Race, Then Told IRS It Didn’t (ProPublica)
• Lou Reed Loves Kanye West’s Yeezus (Talkhouse)

What are you reading?


Weak Links Mar Investing in China
Source: WSJ

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