Drones are Being Used to Deliver Dry Cleaning, Beer, Food

The government’s use of drones is creating more terrorists (d’oh!) and destroying the privacy – and perhaps liberty – of Americans.

Drones can be scary in their precision … and so small as to be rendered invisible.

But drones are also being deployed for much more mundane purposes by common folks and creative entrepreneurs.

Drones are being used to deliver dry cleaning:




And cake.

Drones are also being used for recon to monitor police activities. For example, protesters in Warsaw used a spy drone to see what police were doing. As diydrones.com notes:

People tend to assume that UAVs will be used by the police to keep watch on us, but as … video, taken by a RoboKopter of riots in Warsaw, shows, they can equally be used by citizens to keep tabs on the police. No need to wait for the local news to send a helicopter to get the aerial scene of a demonstration, just Do It Yourself!

Here is the video of the police shot by the Polish protesters:

(Here’s what the RoboKopter drone used by the Polish protesters looks like.)

Some are even using drones for self-defense.

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