10 Tuesday AM Reads

My morning reading:

• The bond market’s fear of Summers (Reuters) see also How the Timing of the Tapering Is Driving Stock Prices (Political Calculations)
• Roar or a Bark? Activist Investors control $84 billion in assets, a drop in the bucket  (MoneyBeat)
• With Similar GDPs, Why is US Unemployment so much higher than Germany’s? (Economix)
• 5 companies that make money by keeping Americans scared (Salon) see also China Video Tools for U.S. Help Spurs Spy Anxiety (Bloomberg)
• What Detroit should learn from Tesla Motors (Quartz)
• Rise of New Corporatism Dims Capitalism, Argues a Nobel Laureate not named Krugman (New York Sun)
• MBA National Delinquency Survey: Judicial vs. Non-Judicial Foreclosure States (Calculated Risk) seen also Do We Want High House Prices or Affordable Housing? Lessons on the Government Debt (cepr)
• The Islamic Insurgency That Could Soon Hit Egypt & the dangers of destroying Muslim Brotherhood’s leadership (New Republic)
• Here Comes iTunes Radio, Threatening to Shake Up Music Streaming (Time)
Is that the 6.3 inch GALAXY MEGA in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Samsung largest phone yet hits US (The Verge)

What are you reading?


Expected Future S&P 500 Earnings
Source: Political Calculations


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