35 Years of Jackson Hole Briefing Papers

Richard Yamarone, who puts out the daily Bloomberg Economic Brief, has gathered ALL of the past Jackson Hole papers, and provided them in one location. (All papers sourced via Kansas City Federal Reserve).

Conference topics through the years with links to conference papers (click for download):


• 1978: World Agricultural Trade: The Potential For Growth (Kansas City, Missouri)

• 1979: Western Water resources: Coming Problems and the Policy Alternatives (Denver, Colorado)

• 1980: Future Sources of Loanable Funds for Agricultural Banks (Kansas City, missouri)

• 1981: Modeling Agriculture for Policy Analysis in the 1980s (Vail, Colorado)

• 1982: Monetary Policy Issues in the 1980s (Jackson Hole, Wyoming) *Economic Symposium moved to Jackson Hole.

• 1983: Industrial Change and Public Policy

• 1984: Price Stability and Public Policy

• 1985: The U.S. Dollar – Recent Developments, Outlook, and Policy Options

• 1986: Debt, Financial Stability, and Public Policy

• 1987: Restructuring the Financial System

• 1988: Financial Market Volatility

• 1989: Monetary Policy Issues in the 1990s

• 1990: Central Banking Issues in Emerging Market-oriented Economies

• 1991: Policy Implications of Trade and Currency Zones

• 1992: Policies for Long-run Economic Growth

• 1993: Changing Capital Markets: Implications for Monetary Policy

• 1994: Reducing Unemployment: Current Issues and Policy Options

• 1995: Budget Deficits and Debt: Issues and Options

• 1996: Achieving Price Stability

• 1997: Maintaining Financial Stability in a Global Economy

• 1998: Income Inequality Issues and Policy Options

• 1999: New Challenges for Monetary Policy

• 2000: Global Economic integration: Opportunities and Challenges

• 2001: Economic Policy for the Information Economy

• 2002: Rethinking Stabilization Policy

• 2003: Monetary Policy and Uncertainty: Adapting to a Changing Economy

• 2004: Global Demographic Change: Economic impacts and Policy Challenges

• 2005: The Greenspan Era: lessons for the Future

• 2006: The New Economic geography: Effects and Policy implications

• 2007: Housing, Housing Finance and Monetary Policy

• 2008: Maintaining Stability in a Changing Financial System

• 2009: Financial Stability and Macroeconomic Policy

• 2010: Macroeconomic Challenges: The Decade Ahead

• 2011: Achieving Maximum Long-run Growth

• 2012: The Changing Policy Landscape


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