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Congratulations, its a MailChimp!


Those 19,206 of you who receive The Big Picture via email at 7pm EST each day may have noticed a few changes this past week.

The reason for this is the mail server we use. It used to be via Feedburner, but we switched over to MailChimp.

There were a few reasons for this, but the main one was that Feedburner is a Google property, and since they just killed Reader, I expect Feedburner may be next on the chopping block. Rather than wait and scramble, I wanted to be proactive. Feedburner was great — it was free, and relatively simple to manage. However, it was not very user definable. Mailchimp costs about $150 a month, but it is far more robust. Lots of it is user definable functions, designs, and plenty of analytics.

Mailchimp is a double opt in — you have to sign up, then click a link on a received email. (Note this is very different than giant spam factory known as ConstantContact, who suck).

A few notable elements: I can create dedicated email lists for different functions: In addition to getting the site via email each day, I can create a separate email list for The Big Picture Conference, for our Asset Management Commentary, for other eBooks we create, etc.

All told it is a pretty cool tool.


If it looks somewhat different, well bear with us. I am still learning all the various configurations, colors, etc.



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