The Future is All Possibility.

Back in April 2012, I urged some people to Step aside, old man. Let imagination lead the way.  Although I have been called me a curmudgeon, I noted “as I look to the long term, I’m optimistic.”

That thought process was revisited this evening.

Why? Tonight, I spoke at the NYU Stern Launch. Speaking to the incoming class of 400 MBA students is instructive. The students are full of energy, a refreshing perspective. Smart inquiries afterwards, interesting ideas.

Whenever I spend any significant time with students, young entrepreneurs, finance & business students, I come away full of confidence about the long-term future. Not the next quarter or even year, but the next decade.

There are lots of challenges to be met. We have deficits, deficiencies, recessions, depressions, inflation, deflation, spiraling health care costs, credit crises, student loan issues, global warming, honey bee colony collapse, regulation, deregulation, and the list of negatives goes on and on.

You can focus on these problems, which history suggests are always present, typically transient, and usually overblown. Or, you can look forward.

The future is all possibility.



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