10 Friday AM Reads

My Morning Reads

• Did Monetary Policy Cause the Recovery?(Hussman Funds) but see Eugene Fama: QE Doesn’t do Much (Pragmatic Capitalism)
• TARP, Five Years Later (Conversable Economist)
• Tyson: The Business of Business is More Than Business (Project Syndicate) see also Q&A: How Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker wants to get foreigners to invest in America (Washington Post)
• The collapse of US infrastructure spending, charted (FT Alphaville) See chart below
• After Fraud, the Fog Around Libor Hasn’t Lifted (NY Times)
Obamacare fiasco: Was building HealthCare.gov really that hard? (CS Monitor) but see G.O.P. Unveils Own Health-Care Web Site, EmergencyRoom.gov (New Yorker)
• 15 Facts That Reveal The Utter Insanity Of Britain’s Housing Market (BuzzFeed)
• Still No Evidence Obamacare Is Forcing Large Numbers Into Part-Time Work (WSJ) see also The American Health Care System Sucks (Business Insider)
• ‘Dark Mail Alliance’, Future of surveillance proof email technology (Hacker News)
• There’s no global wine shortage (Reuters)

What are you reading?


US Infrastructure Spending in One Chart

Source: FT Alphaville

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