10 Thursday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• What Fed economists are telling the FOMC (FT.com) see also Kohn: Central Banks Can’t Stop Bubbles (Real Time Economics)
• The Bond King’s Shrinking Realm (Business Week)
• The Surprisingly Violent Story Of How The Trucking Industry Killed Fair Prices For Great Diesel Cars (Business Insider)
• BMW Offers Money-Can’t-Buy Perks to Keep Biggest Spenders (Bloomberg)
• Yep, Being a Young, American Adult Is a Financial Nightmare (Atlantic) see also Olivia Mitchell: You Might Live to 100. Will Your Money? (Think Advisor)
• Food Stamp Cuts Add to Walmart’s Troubles (Daily Beast)
John Dean: “It Is Everyone’s Job To Be A Truth-Teller” (NSFW Corp)
• Why Fannie and Freddie Are Paying Back Uncle Sam (WSJ)
• Traffic stop nightmare Oh, the litigation over this will be delightful! (KOB Eyewitness News)
• These Are The World’s Greatest, Most Stunning Libraries (HuffPo) see also The Library: A World History (Amazon)

What are you reading?



Return of Cash Sparks Emerging-Market Rallies

Source: WSJ

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