Balenthiran 17.6 Year Cycle

Source: 17.6 Year Stock Market Cycle


Interesting take on the longer term Secular Bear Market Vs. Cyclical Bull Market, via Kerry Balenthiran:

“My research has identified that a 17.6 year stock market exists within the markets consisting of downtrends lasting 2.2 years and uptrends lasting 4.4 years (2 x 2.2 years), with a combined cycle length of 17.6 years. I have called this cycle the Balenthiran Cycle and demonstrate how the intermediate turning points match stock market behavior going back to the early 1900s and extrapolate the cycle forwards to provide a market roadmap of the next secular bull market to 2035 and subsequent secular bear market to 2053.”

A few caveats: The 17.6 year cycle has been bantered about for a long time by various people. (See “previous” below).

Second, I would add is that cycles can be interrupted by external events — like Bailouts, QE, etc.

Last, the world changes over time, and I doubt that any oscillation period dependent upon humans would stay all that consistent over decades and centuries.





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