10 Monday PM Reads

Here’s what I’m reading on the train-ride home today:

• A bull market without buyers (FT Alphaville)
• Bursting the stock-market-bubble bubble (WSJsee also Am I Too Bullish? (Bloomberg)
• Intel Seen Threatened as Google Mulls Own Server Chips (Bloomberg)
• The Gatsby Curve: How Inequality Became a Household Word (Businessweek) see also The kids are actually ok (The Incidental Economist)
• Fed faces tough decision on bond-buying program this week (WSJ)
• Want to get stock tips from tweets? There are tools that can help. (WSJ) but see Twitter’s New Coke Moment (Reformed Broker)
• Tech Companies Press for a Better Retail Experience (NY Times)
• Why the feds don’t need to save the cellphone ban (LA Times)
• 11 Spectacular Cliff Paths (World Geography)
• Conference Name tags: Full of Interesting Strangers (Rands in Repose)

What are you reading?


As Inflation View Shifts, the Fed Might Floor It

Source: WSJ

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