10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• GM, Chrysler federal bailouts were net economic gain, report argues (LA Times) see also U.S. Treasury sold its last remaining shares in General Motors. (WSJ)
• I was the wife of a Wall Street ‘Wolf’ (NY Post)
• Swedroe: Hedge Funds Not Worth The Fees (Index Universe) see also “2 and 20” Fading, Managers Need Big Assets or Performance to Profit: Citi Prime Finance Survey (WSJ)
• Low wages are stalling America’s economy (MarketWatch)
• Swedish Housing Surges to Unsafe Value as Debt Soars (Bloomberg)
• The Wall Street that will receive the Volcker rule is profoundly different from the one the Obama administration targeted at its outset. (WSJ) see also Near a Vote, Volcker Rule Is Weathering New Attacks (DealBook)
• Here’s what sequestration will look like in 2014 if the budget talks fail (Washington Post)
• NASA: Ancient Martian lake may have supported life (Yahoo)
• Study: U.S. poverty rate decreased over past half-century thanks to safety-net programs (Washington Post)
• Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed (Raptitude)

What are you reading?


100 Years of Family Spending in the US

Source: Visualizing Economics

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