10 Tuesday AM Reads

Those of you who are still shopping need to seriously reavaluate your lives. You have issues with time management and excessive consumerism. For these rest of you, here are some interesting reads to start out the day:

• The Bears’ Case (Morningstar) but see A Bull is Pulling Santa’s Sleigh This Year (Barron’s)
• The Goals of Traders and Investors Are Light-Years Apart (NY Times)
• Being Uninvited to Lefty, Righty and Libertarian Dinner Parties: Corporate Income Tax Edition (The Unbroken Window) see also How to Measure Corporate America’s Huge Profits (WSJ)
• The Buyback Rally (Crossing Wall Street)
• Secret Handshakes Greet Frat Brothers on Wall Street (Bloomberg)
• Happy Birthday, Federal Reserve! Have Some Punch (Before the Bowl Gets Taken Away) (WSJ)
• Edward Snowden, after months of NSA revelations, says his mission’s accomplished (Washington Post)
• Where in America Can You Get a Good Deal on Rent? (Priceonomics)
• Do bigger governments lead to happier people? (Washington Post)
• How Lobbyists Will Keep You Hooked on Vitamins (Daily Beast)

What are you reading?


A Creeping Ascent

Source: Economist

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