10 Monday PM Reads

My afternoon train-reading:

• Who would have guessed Supermodels make bad currency traders? (FT.com)
• Leaving CAPE Town (Reformed Broker) but see Goldman turns bearish on US equities (FT)
• Fed Sent $77.7 Billion in Profits to Treasury Last Year (Real Time Economics)
• The Drunkard’s Walk (Seeking Wisdom)
• Three things the press gets wrong about Apple in China (Fortune)
• If you get a PhD, get an economics PhD (Noahpinion) see also The Case for Hiring “Outlier” Employees (Harvard Business Review)
• Bridge scandal: 10 things the public needs to know (Star Ledger)
• It takes a village to green-light new hires at Amazon (WSJ)
• Fallen foreclosure king David J. Stern is disbarred by Florida Supreme Court (MoJo)
• How Effective Will Your Diet Be in 5 Years? (Priceonomics)

What are you reading?


What You Know About Retirement Investing Is Wrong

Source: WSJ


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