10 Sunday AM Reads

Good Sunday morning. Here’s what I am reading:

• Stock Buybacks’ Allure Likely to Fade (Barron’s)
• Judging Bernanke: What the Fed Chair Got Right and Wrong (Fiscal Timessee also Mea Culpa: All This Time I’ve Been Wrong About The Fed (Business Insider)
• DUMB IDEA OF THE DAY: Free those 401(k)s (NY Post)
• Bloomberg Creative Director Richard Turley dishes on “The Hedge Fund Myth” (Society for News Design)
• Marketing Madness: A Postmortem for Generation X (Ted Rall)
• What if the Germans had won the first world war? (The Guardian)
• Are you mad about how everyone’s mean to big banks? Read this book. (New Republic)
Yay! Rationality!  More Americans believe in Human Evolution (Pew Research)
• Four ways to tell if Obamacare is working (Washington Post)
• Shale Oil Basins Around the World (Climateer Investing) but see The Coming ‘Instant Planetary Emergency’ (The Nation)

What’s for brunch?


Rising Yields Give Bond Buyers and Issuers Pause for Thought

Source: WSJ

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