10 Sunday AM Reads

Pour a tall cup of Joe, and settle in with these reads:

• What’s different about this downturn? Not much Or, Why a stock market correction should make you happy (MarketWatch) but see U.S. markets tumble as emerging-markets fear spreads (WSJ)
• The Myth of a Stock-Picker’s Market (WSJ)
• Is 60/40 the Right Portfolio Mix for You? (Black Rock)
• Roddy Boyd finds alleged Ponzi schemer (Columbia Journalism Review)
• Existing Home Sales Soaring Highs Deceptive (The Economic Populist)
• About That Jamie Dimon raise . . . (FT Alphaville)
• Tech: Uber And Disruption (TechCrunch) see also What Jobs Will the Robots Take? (The Atlantic)
• TED talks are lying to you (Salon)
WTF? The world put $4 billion on Starbucks gift cards last year (Quartz)
• The Macintosh is 30 years old  (Kottke)

Whats for brunch?


U.S. Markets Tumble as Fear Spreads

Source: WSJ


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