10 Thursday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• Why the leaders of the two largest developed economies are begging companies to raise pay (Quartz) but see Will robots steal our jobs? The humble loom suggests not. (The Switch)
• Indexing: The long-term view on investing (Vanguard)
• Wall Street Attracts Chop Shops 20 Years After ‘Wolf’ (Bloomberg)
• Obama Orders Creation of ‘MyRA’ Savings Accounts (NY Times)
• Emerging markets fight the Fed (WSJ) see also Investors from Illinois to Istanbul are finding the tide going out fast for stocks and other riskier investments. (WSJ)
Bartlett: Presidential Power, Bipartisan Hypocrisy (Fiscal Times)
• The 1920s Guide To NYC Tourist Etiquette (Gothamist)
• Yes, the right is behind on campaign tech. But it’s seizing the mantle on tech policy. (The Switch)
• The Older Mind May Just Be a Fuller Mind (New Old Age)
That seems awfully pricey! BMW Offers $458,000 M6 Luxury Sedan in China (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?


Fewer Immigrants Came to U.S. Last Year

Source: Real Time Economics

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